Personal Yoga Training


What to expect from a personal Yoga Training Session:

  • Deepen and improve your Yoga Practice

  • Gaining knowledge to achieve Asanas you are interested in

  • Creating your home Practice

  • Starting your Yoga Practice in an one on one environment

  • Preventing and avoiding Misalignments, that can cause physical restraints in different areas of your body

  • Exclusive Yoga Workout

Experiences shared after a Personal Yoga Training:

Anstrengende, herausfordernde Praxis, die dafür sorgt, dass manwirklich fitter, gesünder, schmerzfreier, entspannter, glücklicher wird...

Through Janine I discovered my love for yoga, thanks to her passionate and challenging classes, which stand out with great coherency. 

I have been practicing yoga for less than a year now. But thanks to this amazing teacher it feels like I have been in this yoga world forever…

Dynamische und wunderbar aufgebaute Yogastunde! Habe mich lange nicht so gut danach gefühlt!

About a Personal Yoga Training Session Prices and Facts:

  • one Personal Class lasts 60 minutes

  • one class costs 85 EUR, travel costs out of Nuremberg to be added

  • 3 times Voucher reduced by 10% (230 EUR)

  • 5 times Voucher reduced by 15% (362 EUR)

  • 10 times Voucher reduced by 20% ( 680 EUR)

  • Training with the Inoroll and Feedup available